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Container Garden Success!

Teresa's Garden Talk
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Get Creative

If you have been reading my blogs, you know that I am not a Master Gardener, and I do make mistakes.  I sometimes wonder why I love gardening with all the no no’s I do.  In all honesty, I love gardening!  I love being outdoors and being close to nature, I love being creative and growing things.  It’s so relaxing to just sit back and admire the beauty that surrounds us.

I was among the many, many people that would just buy plants and flowers to decorate with and go to the Local Farmer’s Market for produce.  Now, I understand that not everyone can have a vegetable garden or even a flower garden, especially if you live in a major city.  However, if you have a balcony, a patio, a windowsill, or a rooftop terrace, you can have a garden.  You just need a little creativity.

Learn As You Grow

Sunlight Matters

As I said earlier, I do make mistakes, and this year was no exception.  My first mistake was my layout in my container gardens.  There are some plants that overshadow other plants, causing them to get little sunlight and not grow as timely.  Next year I will be sure to plant carefully.

Never-Ending Lettuce

My second mistake was cutting my lettuce at the stems rather then just pulling off the leaves.  Also, I had let the lettuce grow a bit longer than I should causing it to have a bitter taste.  One good thing though, my lettuce keeps having new growth.  Not a complete loss.  Since I now know to pull the leaves and not wait so long,  I am able to enjoy it in a salad.

When To Harvest Cucumbers

My third and final mistake was I had 2 cucumbers grow and ripen while I was on vacation.  When my husband Tommy and I returned from Florida we discovered the cucumbers and they were huge, however they were yellow.  I didn’t realize at the time they are green before they turn yellow.  When cucumbers turn yellow they are not edible.  (There are some cucumbers that are yellow color)  Luckily, I had grown 2 more.

Lessons Learned

One thing to keep in mind, if you are going to do Container Gardening, is that you will not have a huge harvest.  It is very minimal.  I did find it very rewarding and recommend for anyone that has physical limitations or that has a very small to no space.  So to all our readers out there that don’t think they can grow a garden, you absolutely can!

Just be sure to use Rooster’s Organic Compost to mix with your soil before planting.  Also, I encourage you to use Rooster’s Organic Nitro Boost Compost Tea weekly.

Plants Are Thriving

My other container plants and flowers are doing exceptionally well.  So well, that they need to be transplanted into bigger pots before bringing them indoors for the winter months. And, the best part is this is the first year I didn’t have to make continuous trips to the local nursery or garden center.  YEAH ME!

Of course, I am patting myself on the back.  I did it, I actually grew beautiful flowers and plants with the help of Rooster’s Organic.  I am especially excited that I was able to grow vegetables, that were edible and delicious.  So, for all of you doubters out there, just BELIEVE in yourself and get some Rooster’s Organic.