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How To Use Our Organic Chicken Compost Tea?

How To Make Nitro Boost Tea


Our Nitro Boost chicken compost tea may be applied at the root zone or foliage area. Fill 5-gallon bucket of non-chlorinated water, place aerator hose in a bottom of bucket and clip aerator on the side of the bucket.

Fill tea bag with compost and hook on side of the bucket, keeping it off the bottom.

Start the aerator, a bubble effect will start, the color will change and the aerobic froth (foam) will form meaning the micro-organisms are working. Brew 12-24 hours.

For best results, use immediately after brewing or continue brewing any unused tea. Keep bucket temperature in the high 60s for micro-activity.



Applying Rooster’s Organic

To apply, use a spray bottle, pump spray, or watering can to apply chicken compost tea to the root zone or foliage.



Using Compost Instructional Videos


Q & A Session with Tonya


Thanks to one of our local retailers, Sherrod Greens in Sherrodsville, Ohio, for allowing us to film this on location. Check out our latest How To’s and Tips on our COOP TALK


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