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How To Use Our Organic Chicken Compost?

How To Apply Our Chicken Compost?



Flower Beds

Application for flower beds is 20% Rooster’s Organic chicken compost mixed with topsoil or soil-less soil (do not layer).




For gardens, 1/2″ thick is enough to spread on your gardens in the Spring, and turn under so nitrogen doesn’t dissipate into the air. Mix well.



Houseplants and Potted Plants

Application for houseplants and potted plants is 20% Rooster’s Organic to the soil. All ingredients must be blended sufficiently to create a homogeneous mixture. An improper mixture can lead to poor root growth and cause poor quality plants.



Trees and Shrubs

For application on trees and shrubs, spread 1/8″ to 1/4″ layer of our organic chicken compost onto the bare soil under the trees and shrubs. Then cover 2-3″ with some other organic mulch.




To apply Rooster’s organic chicken compost to your lawn first, aerate then lightly broadcast or use a walk-behind broadcast spreader. Apply 1/8″ deep. Do not bury glass blades or smother them from sunlight. Also, works well with problem lawn areas.



Golf Course and Turfs

Broadcast 1/8″ to 1/4″ of our organic chicken compost, depending on the height of turfgrass.



Compost Piles

You can also add our chicken compost to your home compost pile to speed up your compost process and add more nutrients and microorganisms.