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When Should I Use Your Organic Chicken Compost Or Tea?

When You Should Use Rooster’s Organic Compost



Rooster’s Organic Chicken Compost

The best time of year to apply our organic chicken compost on lawns, trees, raised beds, golf course, and turfs is in the spring, fall, or both. Compost for gardens should be applied in the Spring before plants are planted in the soil. You may apply a side dressing in the fall if needed.



Rooster’s Organic Chicken Compost Tea

Our Nitro-Boost Chicken Compost Tea may be used all year long and is considered a soil conditioner. The best time of day to use our Nitro-Boost is mornings or evenings for foliar applications. Apply your Nitro-Boost chicken compost tea in the morning while temperatures are below 80 degrees. So that the plant’s stomata, which are tiny openings in the leaves, can take in the nutrients. For evening application, don’t spray on leaves as it will leave them wet for too long; increasing the likelihood of developing fungus. In the root zone, you may be applied either mornings or evenings.

During Winter months, for indoor plants, we suggest using our compost tea as a soil conditioner. Spring is the perfect time to use our organic chicken compost tea as a transplant solution, to help your plants in transitioning to their new environment. Summer and Fall for maintenance on healthy plants or if some plants are not growing or producing as normal this will give them a boost. For maintenance of healthy plants, we suggest once a week or every other week depending on plants and watering in between.