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Give Your Plants The Best

The best time of year to apply our organic chicken compost on lawns, trees, raised beds, golf course, and turfs is in the spring, fall, or both. Compost for gardens should be applied in the Spring before plants are planted in the soil. You may apply a side dressing in the fall if needed.

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Rooster's Organic Original Compost 40#bag

Rooster's Organic Original Compost 40#bag

40-lbs of our perfect blend of Nitrogen and Carbon from our Ohio raised poultry, containing the nutrients that plants require for healthy growth. 

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Make Your Garden Thrive with Microbial Life and Vitality

Whether you are growing a vegetable garden, a flower bed, or just want a greener Lawn, Rooster’s Organic Original Compost is the beginning.

When Should I Use Rooster

We have broken down the best time to use our Rooster's Organic Compost and Nitro-Boost Tea by season, time of day, and added some helpful tips when applying.

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One of a Kind Compost Process

At Rooster’s Organic we have created a perfect blend of nitrogen and carbon from our Ohio raised chickens. The blend is mixed and transferred from bay to bay providing oxygen and keeping the compost covered.

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