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Nitro-Boost Compost Tea Kit

Nitro-Boost Premium Compost – 15 lbs

Organic Original Compost - 40 lbs

Mega-Poo Tote Organic Compost – 1 Ton

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 Lawn & Garden Fertilizer    Spreading

Trust the experts at Rooster's organic with your lawn care needs.  We now offer lawn and garden fertilizer service for only $60 per hour.  In most cases, we can spread a ton an hour (in ideal conditions).

Fertilizer Spreader Daily Rental

Our self propelled, dual-spinner Eco Lawn Applicator 250 holds 400lbs of compost. This gas-powered, new generation Eco Lawn applicator allows you to quickly, evenly, and easily spread compost and broadcast top dress material.



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      When Should I Use Rooster

      We have broken down the best time to use our Rooster's Organic Compost and Nitro-Boost Tea by season, time of day, and added some helpful tips when applying.

      One of a Kind Compost Process

      At Rooster’s Organic we have created a perfect blend of nitrogen and carbon from our Ohio raised chickens. The blend is mixed and transferred from bay to bay providing oxygen and keeping the compost covered.

      People Love Our Poo!

      Roosters Organic Testimonial

      Never been able to get radishes to grow in our garden. first year with Rooster's Organic and our radishes are bigger than golf balls

       - Duane W. of Dundee, OH

      After Rooster's

      Before Rooster's

      After Rooster's


      I was never one to have a "green thumb" and am not very knowledgeable about plants or gardening. I am one of those people that buy plants because they will "look good" in my flower bed. Recently my spider plant and aloe plant both died. Normally when my plants die, I would just throw them out and buy new plants. However, this time I contacted owners of Rooster's Organic and they supplied me with compost soil amendment and compost tea. They were so nice and explained how everything worked.


       - Teresa B. of Dundee, OH

      Houseplants look amazing!

      Tea works amazing on house plants and hanging baskets.

       - Candace F. of Dundee, OH

      Porch Vines

      After the Tea

      I am 72 years old and love taking care of my flowers on my porch. I have a few tomato plants in my landscaping. I have used a synthetic liquid fertilizer to feed my plants for years, thinking that it was actually helping my plants, but my soil was always hard. This year I decided to try the compost tea. My flowers on my porch are amazing and my tomato plants are so big the vines are huge.

       - Herb Harabrandt of Stone Creek, Ohio

      Rooster's Organic Testimonial From Glen Lehman


      Look at my potatoes, used Rooster's Organic compost in my garden.

       - Glen Lehman of Strasburg, Ohio

      Our Nitrogen level has always been high.  By switching to Rooster's Organic compost instead of the usual chicken manure, it has made a huge impact on keeping the nitrogen levels down, and the more important minerals that are needed up. Resulting in almost twice the amount of boxes of zucchini shipped per 1000 plants.  Great Product!

      - Roy Yoder of Freeport, OH

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      Organic Compost

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      40 lbs Bag Rooster's Organic Compost for Sale

      Learn more about Rooster's Premium Organic Chicken Compost products and how they can benefit your nursery, garden center, or retail store customers.


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      Premium Organic


      Rooster's Organic is a family owned business based in Dundee, Ohio, located in the heart of Ohio's Amish Country. As a family, we have operated a poultry farm for the past 12 years and with our chickens come manure – lots of manure. So, we decided to start composting the manure for environmental sustainability.